Water Proofing

Basement Water Proofing:

Leaking Basement, Damp, New Sump Pump Installation, Concrete Foundation Wall Waterproofing?

Water proofing can be expensive. With JF Plumbing & Heating Ltd., we are here to help with our affordable pricing. We use modern equipment to find out the problem and give you the best approach on fixing it with our experts who have been doing it for years.

Waterproofing a property it is not an easy task. Trying to do it yourself may be a big headache. With the material, costs, labor, and un-professional equipment you will frustrate yourself with the job. Waterproofing also keeps out moisture that may cause mould which may lead to bugs, pests, and many unwanted visitors. We have been doing this for years so let the professionals take care of it. Don’t wait until matters get worse. Let our team fix your problem.