Backflow Installation Or Testing

JF Plumbing & Heating  specializes in backflow prevention.

Is the city of Toronto and other areas sending you warning letters that you need to do a backflow test? No problem!

We offer certified backflow prevention test/surveys as per request/and annual test reports.
We have a OWWA licence that allows us to do backflow work including installation and design in Ontario. We will also get you the permits required to get the job done.

Backflow Preventer Device Surveys – it’s the Law (bylaw 851)

There might be a case where  Toronto Water Works requests a facility survey of the incoming water supply lines of a property to ensure  protection has been assessed. In these cases a specific BFP Device Survey is to be submitted by the owner of a residental, industrial, commercial, or high rise building or other property that may be subject to the Water Supply By-law.

Annual Testing BFP Testing Compliance with the Law – Tests must be performed and passed annually.

All testing is done in-house by our own staff. Once a BFP survey has been prepared for a property it is automatically required to be updated at least every five years and submitted to the City of Toronto, unless otherwise approved by Ontario Waterworks or within thirty (30) days of any increase in the hazard level.