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City of Toronto Rebates

Do you live in the city of Toronto?

Did you know that you might be eligible  to receive a $3,400.00 rebate from the city of Toronto for installing a backwater valve, sump pump, and capping your down spouts???

Find out how you may be eligible to receive a rebate from the city of Toronto backwater valve subsitity program.

Check out their website:

By visiting this link you can download the Basement Flooding Protection Application Form. We can be your contractor for the job.  You may be eligible for the job to be installed for free pending rebate approval.

For more information please call 416-879-5309 or email to speak with one of our technicians.

Find out if you qualify to receive a city of Toronto back water valve rebate.

Mainline back water valves stop water from backing up into your basement. By installing this device you can save a lot of hassles and an enormous insurance claim.  In fact, most insurance companies provide  a 10% home insurance discount just for having a back water valve protecting your home.  Contact your insurance company and ask what their thoughts are on protecting your property from a water back up.  At JF Plumbing & Heating Ltd. our experts can install one in your home for free (if you qualify.)

Do you need a back water valve?

waste backwater valve diagram

View mainline website about their offers on this product and more

Some homeowners live in flood prone areas.  One of the keys to building a flood proof basement is knowing your location in relation to the sanitary sewer system that serves your building or home.  A sewer backup valve (waste backwater valve) can make the difference between having your basement flooded knee deep with raw sewage and staying high and dry.

. Home #1 Does not need a backwater valve because water would drain from the first upstream sanitary sewer manhole which is lower than the inlet to the drain pipe in this home’s basement.  This home should never experience a flooded basement due to a sewer backup.

. Drains located on the first floor of Home #2 might be safe as it is slightly higher (must be at least 24″ higher) than the first upstream sanitary sewer manhole cover, but there are some cases in which pressure builds enough to temporarily allow water to flow at a level above the lowest drain.  When in doubt, and especially when the second floor living space is installed, it is wise to install a back water valve.  However, any drain fixture in the basement of Home #2 would be below the level of the first upstream manhole and sewage backups could occur without a backwater valve.

. Any drain opening in Home #3 would be located below the level of the first upstream sewer manhole cover so this home would definitely require the installation of a backwater valve.

Some building codes now require the installation of a backwater valve no matter where the home is located in relationship to the first upstream manhole cover.  Please check with your local building inspector.

How we would protect your home from flooding

As illustrated below, we would install it in the best possible position where the main drain exits the house. By installing it this way we can protect your entire property from heavy rain falls or sewage back up on the main drains.

backwater valve backflow valve placement

normal flow through a floor drain backwater valve reversal flow through a floor drain backwater valve

backwater valve and access box measurements